Jalime Elhadem Madero

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Jalime Elhadem Madero


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Financial Services


Jalime is a professional with high trajectory in consulting and implementation of Project Management processes that are aligned to the maturity of organizations, with a great domain in training processes on issues of Senior Management, Innovation and Project Management, Programs and Portfolios, with an excellent command of equipment as it applies in their classes inverted learning and game methodologies considered «serious play», which lead to the construction of learning is practical and adaptable to the area of applicability required by the student.

He has more than 16 years of experience in companies in the financial, social, hydrocarbon, technology and services sectors. Jalime has achieved that Project Management, besides being a support of maturity and business growth, is taken to the life and leadership of people, in this way she has created a Project Management course entitled «Project Management for a dreamer» where it is made to see that all the dreams we have are nothing more than life initiatives waiting to make them reality and that the dreamers of life are nothing more than entrepreneurs of their own success.

Jalime is a Systems Engineer, certified as a Project Manager Professional since 2000, certified in Leadership since 2007 and an MBA.

What Jalime likes to do most in her free time is to share with her friends, listen to music and train herself in mindfulness, a practice that she considers vital in the good performance of life, decisions and breathing.