Entrenamiento en Gerencia de Proyectos

Project management training

What we do

We create training plans for project management teams, in order to strengthen the knowledge and skills necessary for the optimal performance of their work. We adapt to the schedules and business contexts of our clients, to offer a fully customized proposal, framed in the following thematic lines:

Project management: Initiation, planning, control and closure. Scope, time, costs, risks, quality, human resources, communications, contracting, stakeholders and integration.
– Program management
– Portfolio management
– OPM3


how we do it

1. We conduct a deep understanding of the strategy, processes, business and organizational culture.
Identify training needs.
3. We design a project management training program.
4. We develop the training plan with highly qualified personnel.
5. We facilitate the development of thematic practical workshops, applying the knowledge acquired during the training and appropriating the language of the business.