Consultoría en Gestión de Proyectos

Project Management Consulting

What we do

Our extensive experience in the implementation of Project Offices, allows us to trace the right path to improve the business results of our clients, driving them towards the fulfillment of their business objectives. Kap offers specialized consulting in:

* Creation of PMO and SPO – We carry out the formulation, definition and implementation of the PMO (Project Management Office) and SPO (Strategic Project Office), quantifying the benefits that projects bring to the business, with a view to directing and enhancing efforts in their management.

* Maturing of PMO and SPO – After analyzing the business strategy and the functioning of the PMO and SPO, we deliver a set of recommendations and action plans to evolve your project management model, towards a greater generation of value for the business.

How we do it

1. We conduct a deep understanding of the strategy, processes, business and organizational culture.
2. We identify the level of maturity in the OPM3 model.
3. We identify the interactions of project management with the business areas.
4. We define processes for PMO management, with its programs and portfolios.
5. We generate recommendations and action plans for the implementation of the defined model.
6. We convert the consultancy into results through the execution of the proposed solutions.