Daniel Alfaro Urrea

Cognitive Solutions Consultant

Daniel Alfaro Urrea

Experiencia en los Sectores:​


Financial Services

Daniel is a professional lover of technology and innovation, specialized in processes and technological knowledge, he is looking for the solidification of processes and implementation of technologies in companies. His areas of expertise are databases, web technologies, integration and construction of IT tools. He has experience in companies in the financial sector, technology and education. Daniel found his passion in the integration of technologies to facilitate the daily work, the life of people and the development of companies, understanding that the data converted into information and computer technologies applied to every possible situation that presents itself as a challenge could be the best solution to large and small projects where business development is sought, She likes to improve, study and increase the knowledge in the different areas that comprise the IT world, thus providing innovative optimal solutions that involve the best practices and techniques in each project, which has led her to transcend both in the lives of people and organizations.

Daniel is a Systems Engineer, technology lover, cordial, simple, uncomplicated and passionate about what he does.

He is single; in his free time, he likes to travel, listen to music, exercise, watch movies and read about different topics that catch his attention.