Consultoría en Transformación Digital

Digital transformation consulting

What we do

A study conducted by the Global Center for Digital Business Transformation highlights that in the next 5 years, 4 out of 10 traditional companies will disappear if they fail to digitally transform. That is why we want our clients to find in Kap an ally to carry out this process hand in hand with experts who can offer them personalized guidance and project them towards tangible results in less time.
We have expert consultants in digital transformation, who provide customized solutions in terms of:

* Innovation in business models – Based on the deep understanding of the business model of our clients, their value chain and their industry, we co-create opportunities for innovation in their products, services, processes and technologies, to reinvent the business and adapt it to the current era, achieving the digital transformation that companies must currently live. We can accompany you in the implementation.

* Process optimization – The simplification of business processes is one of the main challenges to move towards the true and necessary digital transformation. Kap identifies opportunities for improvement and accompanies the redefinition of business processes, in order to optimize them and obtain more efficient results. We can accompany you in the implementation.

* Analytics applied to business – We identify opportunities to apply the best technologies and obtain the strategic information that our clients need for decision making in their business. We can accompany you in the implementation.

How we do it

1. We perform an analysis of the need, the environment and the organizational culture.
2. We evaluate the level of maturity in digital transformation (Global Center For Digital Business Transformation).
3. We integrate tools and methodologies to define the client’s business model, based on their initial need.
4,We identify the processes to be improved, which will allow the business to evolve to an agile thinking scheme focused on digital transformation.
5. We identify the digital assets that allow building a customer-centric analysis.
6. We define the elements and action plan required for cultural change within the organization.
7. We define the projects and stages for the necessary digital transformation of the company.